Civil Heritage Trail makes its debut in Montgomery

March 22, 2014 by  

The Civil Heritage Trail was opened earlier this week by The Downtown Montgomery Business Association and the city of Montgomery.

No doubt they are using flyer printing to print flyers with more details about this trail, which brings together a range of Civil War and Civil Rights attractions and historic sites. It provides a way for visitors to walk through the city and learn more about its role in the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement.

According to the former President of the Downtown Montgomery Business Association, Jeff Andrews, the opening of the trail brings many benefits to the city, as well as its residents and businesses. Once it becomes more popular, more people will come to the downtown area so as to enhance it and increase the patronage of local businesses.

He added that Montgomery has history embedded in both the Civil War and Civil Rights Movement and that the trail will help to revitalize the downtown area of the city.

The trail runs about 3.5 miles and is completely self-guided. Visitors can walk it, ride their bikes, use a Segway, or travel by car, and each site has a blue bike rack near to it or on its grounds so that it can be identified. The Montgomery Visitor Center and each of the trail sites has a brochure and map of the complete trail.