Air becoming cleaner in the region, says EPA

January 31, 2013 by  

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released some good news for those in the area concerned with the greenness of Alabama this month, as it was confirmed that the air quality in Birmingham and surrounding areas – perhaps including Tuscaloosa and Montgomery, was improving.

This follows about 30 years of such areas as Shelby County and Jefferson County failing to meet air quality criteria set out by the EPA. This was primarily due to high soot levels created by coal power emissions, as well as industrial emissions and vehicle exhaust fumes.

Now, both counties have been recognized by federal officers to have met six standards of air quality, so this would perhaps be a good time to build on this work through poster and flyer printing campaigns to keep local residents informed of environmental exertions, and what they as individuals can do to help.

Aware that air quality was fairly poor in the area, the Alabama Department of Environmental Management has obviously worked hard to improve it and it appears that its efforts have paid dividends. Jason Howanitz, an air pollution engineer for Jefferson County, said proudly:

“We are very happy about that and it’s been a lot of hard work that has gone on behind the scenes, both with EPA, the state, and us as well.”
Experts on environmentalism suggest that a reduction in emissions is among the reasons for the cleaner air, which is encouraging news given that Alabama has the fifth highest number of cars per person according to 2007 research.