Huntsville to be home to Alabama’s new magnet school

August 15, 2018 by  

Alabama’s third magnet school, The School of Cyber Technology and Engineering, will be built here in Huntsville.

The Huntsville-Madison County Chamber of Commerce was the location for a recent inaugural meeting for the School of Cyber Technology and Engineering’s board. Officers were elected, bylaws approved, the budget reviewed and a search committee formed to begin the search for an Executive Director.

AL State Senator Arthur Orr was elected board president. Orr played a significant part in bring the school from conception to reality. Vice-president went to Alicia Ryan who is the CEO of LSINC, who says she is always hunting cyber experts and engineers. She elaborated by saying:

“We’re flying people in, paying them to move here because we have such a demand in our area.”

The student body will number about 300 and be made up of grades 7 through 12. Board members are considering various location in Huntsville for the new school, which will be a residential campus.

It is anticipated that a temporary home for the school will be utilized before its permanent facility at its final location is finished. For now, the goal is to have the school operational by fall of 2020 at which time the logo design the board has selected will be made public.

Presently, Alabama’s two magnet schools are the School of Fine Arts in Birmingham and the School of Math and Science in Mobile.