Local Businesses benefit from Black Friday Sales

December 1, 2011 by  

The residents of Anniston and the surrounding areas didn’t need to see any poster printing or flyer printing to know that Black Friday was going to be a worthwhile shopping event.

This year, the shopping rush in Anniston started in the morning and went on practically non-stop throughout the weekend. Although the event wasn’t going to be officially starting until the weekend, there were vendors nearby in Oxford that opted to set themselves up a day early with surprising results.

With buyers hoping to take advantage of the last-minute deals available, shops were reporting record-long lines. This eagerness even extended to the parking lot. As one pair of Quintard Mall shoppers told the Anniston Star:

“We couldn’t even find a place to park at the whole mall,” Fagan, 32, said. She gestured to Ruthven. “I told her: This is my last year … of standing in line all those hours.”

They weren’t the only ones who chose to shop all night and then frequent other stores in the morning.

As the manager of one of Anniston’s local stores found out on Friday, this was a regular pattern for many individuals during the Black Friday.

“I thought it was early,” Sherman Meers was quoted by the Anniston Star. “But one woman said they’d been up all night and were just finishing up their shopping.”

If any local businesses were unsure about what the holiday season shopping rush was going to be like, the events of this year’s Black Friday will have laid any doubts to rest.