YMCA in Alabaster all set to expand

June 11, 2012 by  

According to the District Vice President of the YMCA, Lane Vines the Alabaster YMCA is all set to expand the current building to more than double its size, in addition to adding a new swimming pool. The expansion is due to be completed early 2013.

In 2010, the YMCA in Alabaster transferred a lot of its programs to the building which formerly housed the Body Shop gym on Plaza Circle. In addition, the YMCA are using a pool and a small building close to the former site of Siluria mill for some of its programs like some of the youth sessions and swimming lessons. Fundraising has been ongoing for a few years so that the Plaza Circle building can be expanded to accommodate the programs which are currently housed by the Siluria mill. Closer to the expected time of completion, local flyer printing services will possibly be utilised so that people are aware of the new facilities.

Around $1.7 million has been raised for the construction of the six lane pool and extension, which will be 18,000 square feet. In addition to doubling the size of the current facilities, extra parking will be provided for patrons. The extension will include a half-court gym and will accommodate the child care programs of the YMCA. The deepest point of the swimming pool will be around five and a half feet deep, and will be wheelchair accessible. The project is being handled by JohnsonKreis construction which is based in Birmingham.