Sales tax holiday for back-to-school items coming up this weekend

August 1, 2013 by  

Shelby County recently announced that unincorporated areas of the county, as well as most of its municipalities like Alabaster, will be participating in the eighth annual back-to-school state sales tax holiday this weekend. The county is no doubt using flyer printing and poster printing to let families and their children become aware of this event.

One of the items exempt from sales taxes on the days will be a single item of clothing that costs under $100. This can be any type of general apparel and includes shoes, sandals, and sneakers. Also covered are computers and related equipment, such as software and printers, provided that each item is under $750. The computers can be desktops, tower systems, or laptops and software must be used for educational purposes rather than for personal or recreational use.

Basic school supplies are also exempt from the state sales tax, and include such items as pens and pencils, calculators, paper, folders, erasers, crayons, book bags, and binders. They also extend to art supplies and certain textbooks.

There are several types of items that are not included in the sales tax exemption. These include band instruments and ballet and tap shoes and some sporting equipment, such as spiked or cleated attic shoes or bowling gloves. A full list of the non-eligible items can be found on the website.

The special opportunity is to take place this weekend, starting Friday, August 2 and continuing to Sunday, August 4.