New Alabaster restaurant opening delayed

June 14, 2012 by  

A new Alabaster restaurant has had to delay its opening night as a result of a delay with property closing. A brand new Steak ’n Shake restaurant will join the others in Alabaster with new premises at the Colonial Promenade. Originally, the opening night was all set for the Fourth of July, but the opening will now be held on August 9.

Earlier in 2012, Clarence Moss secured an agreement for area development which would give him permission to open further Steak ‘n Shake establishments in Alabama. His latest development was unfortunately delayed. Moss did note that interest in the restaurant has increased since a recent announcement of the opening. It is possible that the services of local stationery printers will be utilized to print menus and promotional materials.

The restaurant is to be located at the Colonial Promenade shopping center, at the southern end, close to the intersection of South Colonial Drive and U.S. 31. The frame of the building had been completed at the start of June this year. There will be seating for around 107 people in a building which will be about 3,515 square feet. To meet the demands of his customers, Moss is training more than 120 people to provide an excellent service in his restaurant.

Steak ‘n Shake restaurants have a vintage theme, with milkshakes, steak burgers, and sandwiches along with a number of other items available on the menu. Moss is keen to stress that the restaurant is not just another establishment providing fast food.