Head of Alabaster After-School Center suggests an ambitious project

December 1, 2011 by  

Cindy Hawkins of the Kids First Awareness 21st Century Community Learning Center in Alabaster has set some lofty goals for herself this summer.

Student retention after the summer holidays is a concern that’s traditionally been shared by teachers and parents alike. Educational flyer printing can make some progress in this respect, but at-risk children don’t always have that kind of support at home. Although the details haven’t been etched in stone just yet, Hawkins is aiming to tackle these issues head-on through the heavy promotion of educational summer programs.

“The kids really lose a lot of that information over the summer break,” She said to the Alabaster Reporter in a recent article. “They talked to us about the importance of not only having programs during the summer, but having fun stuff like art and music.”

This focus on combining informative material with the activities kids enjoy is sure to garner a lot of attention in the coming months. After all, the proposed programs will be taking place during the summer holidays. Even so, there’s no downside to giving children an opportunity to learn new things ahead of the upcoming school year. Perhaps most important to the program’s success however, is the mentality of the person spearheading it.

In the same article, Hawkins outlines it clearly when she says “All I want for the at-risk children I serve is to help them do better in school, be of good character and be given a fair chance in life,” She then went on to add a second quote.

“We must remember our children are only good as our schools.”