American Village combines fun with history

July 9, 2012 by  

American Village, a large scale historical park south of Alabaster, is running an exciting educational program, “Camp 1776!,” through August. Perfect for families, youth groups, senior citizens, or anyone who appreciates American history, the aim of Camp 1776! is to make American history come alive.

The two-hour program, which will take place across American Village’s large campus designed in traditional early American style, will include actors elaborately dressed as early American patriots portraying the dawning days of the American Republic.

Among other issues, the program will cover early American spies, the bravery of American Revolutionary War soldiers, and George Washington’s pivotal role in the nation’s history both on the battlefield and as president.

Among the sites that can be visited any time at American Village are a replica of Concord’s historic Old North Bridge, a major shrine to American veterans, and an interactive educational exhibit on the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution.

American Village first opened in 1995 and has fast become one of the southern United States’ most popular historical parks. It is an important part of the greater Alabaster community, so local print companies, brochure printers, and postcard printing businesses would be wise to include the Village in promotional Alabaster area tourism materials.

The Camp 1776! program will take place at 10:00 am, 12:00 noon, and 2:00 pm on July 16 – 20, July 23 – 24, and July 30, as well as August 1 – 3 and August 6 – 10. General admission fee is $8.50. Camp 1776! will be held over a large area, so it is recommended to wear comfortable shoes.