Alabaster mom designs shopping cart

November 3, 2012 by  

A mom from Alabaster, Alabama, has designed a shopping cart which will make the lives of parents with a special needs child much easier when shopping. Drew Ann Long often struggled to push her daughter’s wheelchair alongside a shopping cart, which is no mean feat. Other times she would have to arrange for someone to baby sit her daughter so that she could get the groceries that they needed.

The shopping cart which is named Caroline’s Cart in honor of her daughter, who has Rett syndrome, is now available to use in seven states across the US. Rett syndrome is a neurodevelopmental condition which causes a number of disabilities. Caroline’s Cart makes it possible to care for a child with special needs while being able to do the weekly shop. The very first grocery store to provide the specially designed shopping cart was Belle Foods, which offered the cart in its stores in Hoover and Alabaster. Since August when the cart was first introduced by Belle Foods, it is now offering the cart in its Tuscaloosa store. In just the last week a number of other stores have made the cart available in some of their stores, including Price Chopper, McDades Market and Hyvee.

The shopping cart is becoming increasingly popular thanks to a campaign on Facebook, with a large number of retailers showing interest in the cart. It is possible that there may be a need for the services of local brochure printers as Caroline’s Cart becomes more popular.