Alabaster CityFest 2012 a success

June 20, 2012 by  

The 2012 CityFest held in Alabaster, Alabama was a huge success, according to Adam Moseley, the President of Alabaster Arts Council. The latest CityFest was held on June 2 and drew record numbers of visitors to the event. Attendance numbers obtained from the Alabaster Police Department reveal that last year’s record was broken with numbers of visitors rising above 70,000, beating the 2010 figure of 60,000.

According to Moseley, the attendance for 2010 was lower because of the hot weather. That year the temperature rose to 100 degrees, proving too hot for some. This year, the weather provided a pleasant temperature of around 80 degrees making it easier for people to enjoy the day. Moseley spoke of his gratitude that the day went well, including the weather.

The 2012 CityFest was the 10th year of the celebration of music. The outdoor music festival is free of charge and offers an opportunity to see well-known artistes perform. Among the bands this year were Everclear, Lonestar, Vallejo, and 2Blu. Preparation for the annual CityFest goes on throughout the year, with the Alabaster Arts Council securing sponsors and donations to fund the event. Publicity will also be planned ahead of the event, possibly using the services of local printers for poster and banner printing.

Entertainment is provided for all members of the family, from the very youngest children to teenagers and older members. Vendors also experienced a profitable day according to Moseley, as they had queues all day for refreshments. As soon as the music festival had ended, the Alabaster Arts Council started to plan for 2013’s event.