Somerville set to go batty this fall

August 24, 2017 by  

Bats, which are the only mammal that can actually fly, play an important role in the ecosystems they inhabit, and a workshop has been planned near Somerville that will explore these often misunderstood creatures.

During the “Revealing the Mysteries of Bats: Denizens of the Night”, visitors to Duke Farms will be given an opportunity to discover a wide assortment of facts about these furry fliers. Stephanie Feigin, who is a bat biologist with the Conserve Wildlife Foundation, will serve as the facilitator of the session, and she will share a variety of information about bats, including how they use sound to navigate. An acoustic detector will be used so that the gusts can hear the sounds bats make for themselves as they find their way in the dark in search of the main component of their diet, which is insects.

Bat populations around the country have been declining, and a portion of the activity will be dedicated to a discussion of why this is happening and what people can do to help. A printing services provider can be called upon to produce brochures and other materials that can be distributed during an information session such as this.

This “batty” workshop has been planned for the evening of October 13th, and it is suitable for all ages. The ticket price has been set at $5.00, and more details have been added to the Duke Farms website.