Civil Air Patrol seeking new members from Snellville

November 28, 2016 by  

The Gwinnet Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol has extended an invitation to people from Snellville and the surrounding communities who may be interested in lending a hand with this civilian air service organization.

The group, which is part of the United State’s Air Force’s Civilian Auxiliary, operates emergency services missions, as well as cadet and aerospace programs. The public is invited to come out and see for themselves in person what it does and decide if they would like to join its ranks.

The group’s members engage in a variety of activities around their community, including search and rescue, disaster relief, and homeland security operations. It also provides mentoring and other services to young people through its cadet program. Attending one of its meetings will give those who are interested in volunteering with it a chance to see in person what it does and how they can be a part of its efforts to help others in the community. Brochures can be printed that give further details about an organization such as this that can be given to potential members at meetings and community events.

The meeting will be held on January 9 at 740 Briscoe Road in Lawrenceville. It is open to those ages 18 years and over. More information about the organization can be obtained by visiting its website.