Sweets seller to run for Smithtown supervisor

August 10, 2017 by  

Kristen Slevin, who along with her husband owns a chocolate shop in Smithtown, has recently announced her decision to make a run for Supervisor of Smithtown this November.

At Yottabyte Chocolate, Slevin often heard her customers express disappointment with street maintenance. When she did not receive what she thought to be an adequate response to her inquiries, she decided to run for Supervisor.

The 40-year-old graduate of Hauppauge High School has more on her résumé than being a small business owner. Slevin opened the chocolate shop along with her husband after leaving their corporate jobs. Her work history includes 15 years spent working in purchasing, inventory, and customer service.

Encouraged by her customers, Slevin will be challenging long-time Smithtown Supervisor Patrick R. Vecchio, who has held the position since 1977 and has recently announced that he is running for a 14th term. The chocolate store owner was quoted at Patch.com as saying she “believes in Smithtown” and wants to give something back to the area where many of her childhood friends still live.

However enthusiastic Slevin may be, she can only get her name on the ballot if she can collect 1,500 signatures on a petition. Timely distribution of flyers explaining her positions may be helpful, but a direct mail printing to registered voters can be particularly effective in situations like this.