Smithtown Shelter dogs may get their own park

December 13, 2016 by  

The Smithtown Animal Shelter is working on a plan to build a park for its canine occupants.

According to Shelter Director Sue Hansen, the notion of creating a park for the shelter’s dogs was formed almost a year ago and has been fermenting since then. The original plan was to acquire most of the money for the park from a local nonprofit, but that option may no longer be available. Some shelters have found that publishing a newsletter helps garner support.

Henson says they are considering using the 100 by 100 square foot area behind the shelter for the park, but will need to get approval from the Smithtown Town Board, since that land is owned by the town. The land presently contains a dog run directly in back of the shelter, with an unused wooded area behind it.

The director believes the shelter dogs’ adoptability will be augmented by getting more exercise. She pointed out that now, except while the dogs are being walked, they are cooped up in kennels all the time.

Henson, wishing to have more information on the cost involved in creating the dog park, has put off going to the Board until after she could meet with Parks Director Joseph Arico. Now that the meeting has taken place, Henson will be better able to make a convincing presentation to the Board. Her hopes are that by Spring 2017, the new park will be operational.