Smithtown fundraiser to help kids with cancer

June 20, 2018 by  

Smithtown will be hosting a fundraiser this summer that will raise funds for childhood cancer research, and it promises to be a fun time for all those who come out to join the party.

The event will feature a performance by Jessica Allossery, who was recognized by Sirrus XM in 2016 as being the Coffhouse Best New Artist and having The Best Coffeehouse song for 2016. Along with the music, there will be other activities to enjoy as well.

The guests at the function can take part in the ticketed raffles draws that have been planned for the occasion. A large number of prizes will be given away in the basket-style raffle, and each person can purchase tickets and then use them to try their luck at winning the item or experience that will be awarded to the winner of each of the basket draws.

The proceeds from the function will be donated to William’s Warriors, which is a group that is working to fight medulloblastoma. A local banner printing service will be able to provide customized pop-up banners and other decorative items for an event like this.

This event, which will combine fun with fundraising, has been scheduled for July 15. It will be hosted by Croxley’s Ale House and Biergarten in Smithtown. The doors for he function are slated to open at 6:00 pm.