Officials in Sioux Falls reveal design for new parking ramp

November 25, 2017 by  

Sioux Falls decision-makers recently revealed the details and design of a mixed-use project to be built downtown at 110 South Mall Avenue, according to an article on the city’s website.

Although they refer to the structure as a “ramp”, it is not a spiral, but a parking garage. A mixed-use development, the ramp is 13 stories tall and includes not only a public garage with 525 spaces, but also a 120-room hotel, and over 37,000 square feet to be used by commercial enterprises. The cost of the development is estimated to be $50m.

There is a great demand for parking in the city’s core. Given this fact, Sioux Falls has been considering a new parking facility since 2014, and created a public-private partnership to bring the project to fruition. In addition to Sioux Falls itself, other companies in the development consortium included Walker Parking Consultants, Tegra Group, JLG Architects, Journey Group Companies, and Legacy Development.

The city’s director of community development, Daren Ketcham, describes the parking structure as a “big win for Sioux Falls,” particularly the downtown core. The project will be adequate to handle the need for parking for at least another 10 years, plus it will also house hospitality and shopping destinations, and bring in millions in property taxes. The ramp should be completely finished and tenants moved in by 2020.

For projects like this, developers sometimes create illustrated brochures to show amenities to prospective tenants.