Gym with a difference opening in Sioux Falls

February 26, 2018 by  

Jason and Lacy Steinberg are opening a gym in Sioux Falls, taking over the space that formerly housed Tuesday Morning.

However, the new facility, 605 Ninja Academy, is not full of treadmills and weight machines. Instead, it will be filled with the type of obstacles seen on the show ‘American Ninja Warrior’, though less extreme. The reason is simple: Jason competed on the show.

Mr. Steinberg says that this type of gym is new to Sioux Falls, but similar facilities are opening throughout the country. The Steinbergs will offer classes, and the gym will also be open for use in 50-minute blocks. The restrictions are necessary because obstacles take up about 4,500 square feet in the location, which has only a 7,000 square foot area. The gym will hold 30-50 people, according to Steinberg.

Steinberg is providing an area for parents to wait while their kids play on the obstacles, which he says is a great way for youngsters to burn off excess energy. The adults can also enjoy the obstacles.

A construction crew is building over 30 obstacles, including such challenges as an unstable bridge, spider climb, devil’s steps, a salmon ladder, and warped walls, plus a rock-climbing wall.

Class registration is now open, and the couple plan to open the gym this Thursday, March 1.

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