UHC hiring in Shelton

January 18, 2017 by  

The Shelton branch of UnitedHealthcare has 50 job positions to fill and is currently taking applications. The numbers for state employment are set to come out tomorrow, January 19.

UnitedHealthcare plans to hire their new representatives for senior claims appeals within six weeks. It will take applications online until February 23. However, candidates hired first can start training at the end of January and this will last for six weeks.
According to UnitedHealthcare’s director of public relations for the New England area Mary McElrath-Jones, the increase in members means the company needs more employees. In the state alone, there are half a million members of UnitedHealthcare. The expected growth in 2017 will require 50 more employees in the customer representation section. These would be the initial entry-level representatives who answer when a customer first calls. The new employees will work in the Shelton office on Research Drive as full time employees with full benefits.

Last fall, the company hired 25 people to add to their 600-strong team of staff at the Shelton office. Greater Valley Chamber of Commerce president Bill Purcell welcomes the hires which will help create the jobs lost by Cablevision which closed its Shelton customer service office in the fall. He praised it as a positive beginning to 2017.

An increase in the number of employees usually means an increase in demand for office stationery and other support services – just one way that new jobs are good for the local economy.