Shelton cafeteria staff to stay

August 4, 2017 by  

Sodexo employees will be staying on staff at Shelton schools as the food provider changes.

According to Dr. Chris Clouet, the superintendent of Shelton schools, the school system has decided not to renew its contract with Sodexo. Instead, it will be using Whitsons Culinary Group as its food provider and has signed a multiyear contract with the company.

However, most the current cafeteria employees reapplied for their positions and will be rehired. Clouet believes it is important that the students and cafeteria staff know each other and plans for the switch to go well.

Back in May, several employees of Sodexo went to a meeting for the Board of Education to continue working with the company, whose contract ended with the last school year. Although their request was denied, Sodexo will keep the transitioning employees on its healthcare plan until the Whitsons contract starts.

In order for students to get the best food providers for what citizens are paying, Shelton schools take bids from provider companies every few years. Hamden and Westport schools currently use Whitsons and have given them positive reviews.

At the Board of Education meeting in late August, the company will unveil some of the food options students will have. A poster printing firm could help Whitsons display photos of the food and detail how it is healthy and balanced for student needs.