Health workshop to take place at Griffin Hospital

March 15, 2017 by  

Later this month, there will be a workshop for managing various health conditions at Griffin Hospital in Derby, close to many Shelton residents.

The Live Well Chronic Disease Self-Management Workshop is six weeks long and will be free, and is aimed at people whose health constantly interrupts their lives. Conditions that will be discussed include diabetes, anxiety, depression, arthritis, and pain.

Residents will learn health information, ways to become more energetic, and manage their symptoms. Medical care will be available and staff will teach attendees how to combat mental and physical pain, become more mobile, eat better, get more exercise, and medicate themselves properly. They will also learn how to work through emotional challenges such as anxiety, stress, and depression, and talk to others about their condition, including medical professionals, family, and friends.

Workshops such as this, which takes place next Wednesday, March 22, often have brochures available for people to take with them so they can learn more about managing their conditions. They are also useful in reviewing the information they learned.

The workshops will start at 3:30 pm and will go to 6:00 pm. It is sponsored by the hospital, the Department of Public Health, and the Aging Services Division of the Department of Social Services. Interested participants can contact Esther Jones with Community Outreach and Valley Parish Nurse Program at Griffin Hospital.