Furniture store finds home in new location

November 29, 2016 by  

Shelton’s Huntington Shopping Plaza is the new home for the newly expanded Diversified Kitchens.

Diversified Kitchens has been a staple to the town for 15 years. Douglas Cooper, owner of the dining room and kitchen furniture store, stated that it was time to grow when his landlord brought up the idea of setting up in a bigger establishment.

At first, Cooper was hesitant, but he decided to take over the space at 43 Huntington Plaza Street after thinking it over. The space has a showroom with three times more room than before and makes easier for staff to help customers. It had a grand opening the week of November 11.

According to Diversified Kitchen designer Frank Marini, the extra space helps customers see more options for their renovations, and staff can show them more options to fit their wants. With more displays, customers can also see more combinations in the showroom for inspiration.

The company’s website says that there are now 25 cabinets, 300 styles of door, 100 hardware decor samples, and 400 counter tops at Diversified Kitchens. Greater Valley Chamber of Commerce president Bill Purcell praised Cooper for the success of his business.

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