Deaf actor has voice in Shelton production

October 7, 2016 by  

The Taste of Sunrise opens today (October 7) at the Center Stage Theatre. The stars include West Haven’s Joe Ronan and Shelton’s Justin Zenchuk, who work at the Shelton venue at 54 Grove Street.

Ronan and Zenchuk play the same character, Tuc. Since he is deaf, Ronan plays his physical self while Zenchuk is his voice.

Talking to the Shelton Herald, Gary Scarpa, the artistic director of Center Stage, said the actors are constantly with each other and practicing. He is amazed at how well they can communicate with each other.

Zenchuk has found the experience as character’s voice has been illuminating, having learned how to sign. Ronan enjoy working with Zenchuk and described him as a “great guy”. He and Ronan have their own way to talk to each other that combines both worlds, as Ronan reads lips and he understands sign language.

Scarpa draws attention to Ronan and Zenchuk’s qualities not just as actors, but as people, describing them as “remarkable human being” who he is sure will inspire emotion in the theater patrons. Although Ronan has been in three Center Stage performances, Zenchuk started when he was in high school.

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