Somber holiday ceremony honors veterans

December 25, 2016 by  

Rehoboth recently held a special holiday event at the veterans’ memorial located in town. Residents from nearby Seekonk would most likely have been interested in this event, and no doubt featured in the attendance.

Adults, children, and Representative Steven Howitt gathered at the elevated, open-air, wooden gazebo to remember those United States military personnel and soldiers who will not be able to celebrate Christmas at home with their families.

A small Christmas tree was decorated with wooden stars that had the names of both living and deceased military veterans, and non-military relatives or friends who had passed away. The stars were available for $5 each.

Howitt commented that the ceremony was a good way to bring the community together. Rehoboth’s veterans’ services officer, Jake Kramer, spoke of the bravery, courage, and sense of duty the members of the United States military exhibit.

The Rehoboth Anawan Lions club was given credit by Laura Schwall, Town Clerk, and husband Gerry, Vice Chair of the Board of Selectmen, for their ability to raise money so that residents of Rehoboth serving the military would have phone cards to use during the holiday season.

Santa Claus also came for a visit, and posed with children for photographs.

Ceremonies like this often use banners announcing the goings-on to attract as many residents, and those from neighboring towns, as possible.