Seekonk speedway holds annual pumpkin race

October 26, 2016 by  

The annual Pumpkin Smash Spooktacular was recently held at the Seekonk Speedway, where more than 10,000lb of pumpkin were smashed to bits by racing vehicles.

The Thrill Show series at the Seekonk Speedway for 2016 was a series of five creative events, featuring modified racing street vehicles, with the Spooktacular being the final one. The Thrill Shows have been held for the past 25 years and the Spooktacular has been part of the shows for the past five years.

There were many family-friendly events before the race, such as a costume contest, but racing was the focus of the evening. The crowd enjoyed the spinout and crashes, particularly the two Figure 8 races during which vehicles on every lap cut twice across the middle of the track so as to dramatically increase the number of collisions. This race was enhanced as the vehicles raced over a stack of pumpkins, which were almost totally destroyed within the first 30 seconds of each race.

According to the director of business development at the speedway, Ed St. Germain, this event has grown tremendously in terms of attendance over the past five years.

Promoters could consider creating flyers to get the word out about next year’s series of Thrill Shows and the Pumpkin Smash Spooktacular so as to attract both adults and children to the family-friendly event.