Attleboro plans new urban apartment units

January 28, 2017 by  

A new apartment complex, Renaissance Station South, is being planned for Attleboro and is considered to be the sister project of Renaissance Station North.

Developer Marco Crugnale recently revealed to the zoning board of appeals that the new complex will have 165 one-bedroom units or 80 percent of the total number of units and 44 two-bedroom units or about 20 percent of the total number of units as opposed to Renaissance Station North, which was comprised of a majority of two-bedroom units. This type of configuration may be a desirable option for those who work in nearby Seekonk.

Crugnale added that Renaissance Station South will be similar to its sister complex with one floor of retail space about 9,000 square feet in size and the rest of the seven stores for residential units. The ground floor is to be used for parking. Renaissance Station South will also be a two-building complex at corner of South Main and Wall Street.

The new project is a short walk from buses and the MBTA commuter rail and other amenities in the downtown area such as the YMCA, the library, restaurants, and shops in addition to biking and walking trials.

The use of brochures would be a good way to promote the new complex to those in the area looking for a more urban living environment.