Santa Rosa celebrates NYE with masks

December 16, 2016 by  

As the time slowly runs out on 2016, many Santa Rosa residents are looking for a party to celebrate the coming year. The Graton Resort and Casino is obliging them with the Masquerade Ball, a soiree that promises a full night of entertainment.

The event will have a range of music all night provided by local talent DJ George. The Event Ballroom has been booked for the night, and it features large dance floors and open terraces. This means that guests can dance the night away, or simply enjoy the fresh air as they mix and mingle with the other attendees.

The countdown to midnight will be celebrated with fanfare, music, and champagne, but the party does not end there. Visitors will be able to stay at the party until 2:00 am, and the casino will be open all night long. Guests who choose to stay overnight will be treated in the morning to some of the best wineries and hills in Sonoma County.

The Masquerade Ball will be held on December 31 from 10:00 pm to 2:00 am at the Graton Resort and Casino, located at 288 Golf Course Dr. Admission is $100 per person. Anyone looking for more info should check the flyers or contact the Graton Resort directly. Alternatively, further information is available on the website.