Santa Ana workshop planned to build better speakers

December 18, 2017 by  

Public speaking may top the list of their greatest fears for many people, but those who take part in a Santa Ana meeting may find it becomes a whole lot easier.

This event will mark the launch of a new group in the area that seeks to improve people’s public speaking skills. According to its organizers, during each of its meetings, the members will have an opportunity to become more educated about presentation techniques, and they will also be able to speak to the group and receive feedback on their efforts.

The organizers of the function went on to say that it may also be helpful for anyone who is just starting out on their speaking career and can use some help to achieve success. The participants will be able to collaborate with one another, and also receive advice that can help them to hone their craft. In addition to all of this, they can also choose to become a member of the Emerging Speakers Bureau. A printing company will be able to work with the planner of an occasion like this to supply them with an assortment of learning materials to distribute to those who take part.

January 17 has been chosen as the date for the Kick Start Your Speaking workshop, and it will be held at 3601 W Sunflower Ave in Santa Ana. Additional information can be obtained on its event listing.