Santa Ana set to celebrate a cheesy good time

July 28, 2017 by  

A special event is on the calendar for Santa Ana that will feature beer along with cheese, cheese and even more cheese.

Ozzefest will be back for another year, and those who participate will have a chance to enjoy cheese in a huge variety of forms. The Marketplace portion of the festivities will be family friendly, and feature a wide selection of food service vendors, many of which will use cheese as the main ingredient in the dishes they will be serving. Those who prefer sweet to savory can enjoy gelato, churros, ice cream and many other treats. The entry price for this area of the event will be $5.00 each, with the food being priced on an “as you go” basis.

As the daytime part of the festival draws to a close, the VIP portion will begin. Open to those age 21 and over, it will offer a huge assortment of craft beers from the local area along with exclusive vendors, and a local printer will be able to tasting glasses and other custom drinkware for an event like this.

This “cheesy” festival will be held on October 15th and 16th in downtown Santa Ana. Anyone who would like to apply to set up a booth or other display during the function or who jut wants to find out more has been invited to visit the celebration’s website.