Santa Ana seminar to focus on liver health

October 17, 2017 by  

Santa Ana residents who have questions about liver health and the different diseases that can affect this vital organ may want to mark their calendars for a free seminar that will be held in the local area.

The Ask the Experts session, which will be patient centered, will include presentations by a variety of liver health experts. There will be discussion on an assortment of topics, including how a healthy diet can help lead to a healthy liver, what lifestyle choices can affect its condition, and also how to advocate for themselves with their physician.

Included in the event will be details and tips for how patients and families can connect with the area’s healthcare networking, including pharmacists, doctors, and other practitioners who have an expertise in the field of hepatology. There is no fee being charged to attend, but the organizers noted that seating is limited. A complimentary continental breakfast will be offered to those who participate in the morning’s sessions. Presentation folders of helpful information can be prepared to distribute to those who attend a seminar like this.

This event is open to those who have had a transplant or suffer from liver disease, as well as their family members and caregivers. The American Liver Foundation’s Los Angeles Division’s Facebook page includes additional details about this morning of information.