San Rafael area workshop to add some spice to sauerkraut

January 22, 2018 by  

The fermentation process has long been used as a way to preserve food for the future, and a San Rafael area workshop will teach the secrets of these techniques.

KrautSource’s Karen Diggs will be facilitating the event, and she will be providing a live demonstration of how spices and other ingredients can turn ordinary kraut into something special. The event will have a Valentine’s theme, and all who are interested are welcome. Along with this, she will lead an exploration of how fermented foods can be healthful and can be incorporated into a person’s usual diet.

The instruction will be provide using hands on methods, and each participants will have an opportunity to taste test the recipes for themselves. They will all also walk away with a jar of sauerkraut that includes rosebuds and a vanilla bean as flavorings. During the instruction, there will be time for the students to ask any questions they might have.

The registration fee for each person who is interested in adding some spice to their kraut will be $50 each. A printer can use digital copying to provide copies of the recipes that will be demonstrated during an event like this.

This Valentine’s Day-themed workshop will be held in Sausalito’s Driver’s Market on February 8. More details for anyone who would like to participate can be found on its website.