San Diego marino pilots water purity device

May 20, 2017 by  

Cabrillo Isle Marina in downtown San Diego will be the site of a pilot program testing the V5 Seabin, a device that cleans the waters in commercial ports, docks, and marinas, according to an article on NBC San

The Seabin floats in the area, and sucks in water that passes through a bag lining the bin’s interior. The water is then pumped out, leaving debris, litter, and some percentage of pollutants and oils trapped in the bag. Once it is filled with trash, the bag is removed and discarded, and the Seabin is lined with a new bag.

The marina’s general manager, Tony Reese, said that removing debris daily is a “huge step in the right direction,” but also points out the fact that there is a great deal more to be done to solve the problem of littering, and of convincing people to reuse and recycle goods.

The V5 Seabin to be used at the marina is a prototype. Its designers hope the test period will allow them to solve any problems with the device before the units go into commercial production and promotional brochures are printed.

Andrew Turton, the Seabin Project’s cofounder, got the idea for a device to collect floating trash after watching debris collect in areas where it would be easy to dispose of it properly. He joined with Pete Ceglinski to develop the Seabin.