San Diegans want Jack Murphy back

August 26, 2017 by  

Readers of the San Diego Union have voted to give the city’s football stadium the name it bore decades ago: San Diego Jack Murphy Stadium. Jack Murphy was the most popular of five proposed choices.

When a new stadium opened in San Diego in 1967, it was called simply San Diego Stadium. In 1980, it was renamed San Diego Jack Murphy Stadium, in honor of the San Diego Union columnist and sports editor, who was instrumental in getting the Padres into the major leagues and bringing the Chargers to the city. In 1998, Qualcomm donated $18 million to the stadium’s expansion effort, and put its name on the stadium in a naming deal that last for 20 years; the time ran out in June.

With Qualcomm gone, the San Diego Union-Tribune, the successor to the Union, ran a naming contest, and readers overwhelmingly chose to honor Jack Murphy once again; the choice got almost half the votes.

However, the popular vote will probably not result in having the name Jack Murphy returned to the stadium permanently. Instead, naming right will be awarded soon, and it’s likely another corporation will put its name on the arena. In the meantime, San Diegans can once again call it by their favorite name.

When the issue is resolved, officials might like to consider working with brochure printers to create a booklet that will give visitors the history of the venue.