San Diegans to receive credits from SDG&E

June 18, 2017 by  

San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) reported thousands of drivers who have electric vehicles can expect to see credits on their bill in the next couple of months.

The credits are because about 6,900 people who drive or lease electric vehicles enrolled in the Electric Vehicle Climate Credit Program in time to qualify for a $200 credit. The program is looked after by the California Air Resources Board, and is part of a state-wide effort to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases.

According to SDG&E’s John Sowers, various forms of transportation are some of the biggest sources of air pollution and greenhouse gases. However, Sowers believes San Diego and the surrounding area is changing that situation as people continue to trade in gas-powered cars for electric vehicles. He notes that when drivers plug their cars in and charge them, the electricity they use is some of California’s cleanest energy, since 43% of the electricity from SDG&E comes from renewable resources.

The actual size of credit will depend on the volume of drivers who applied for the program. Over 24,000 people in the San Diego area drive electric vehicles, and SDG&E campaigned to enroll all the drivers they could. If they missed this year’s deadline, drivers can apply in 2018, since the program will be in effect each year until 2020.

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