“Rex” returns to San Diego Zoo

April 30, 2018 by  

The lion that was the inspiration for the San Diego Zoo returned home recently, in the form of a bronze statue 27 feet tall.

“Rex” stands at the entrance to the zoo, and was greeted with “roars” of approval from the crowd that had gathered to watch the unveiling, according to an article from Fox 5 San Diego.

According to a history of the zoo, Dr. Harry Wegeforth, who founded the institution in 1916, and Paul, his brother, first saw the lion as they drove past Balboa Park. Rex and other animals who had been part of the Panama-California Exposition were living in cages adjacent to the street that is now Park Boulevard. Seeing the plight of the “left over” animals inspired Wegeforth to start the zoo.

Berkeley, California’s Artworks Foundry crafted the statue, which is now thought to be the largest animal statue of its kind in the world. The lion appears to balance on one leg (the left front) with the other three in the air. His head is turned to the left as he snarls at visitors.

Speaking on behalf of the zoo, Rick Schwartz said Rex is a “huge reminder” of how far the zoo has come, as well as being a symbol that shows Dr. Wegeforth’s dream of bringing people and wildlife together is alive and well.

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