Officials gather public opinions about proposed trolley stop

February 23, 2017 by  

The City of San Diego and the San Diego Trolley are considering putting in a new stop on Balboa Avenue east of I-5, and have asked residents for their input, specifically what would make the trolley more inviting and get them to use it. Officials met with residents of Pacific Beach and Clairemont at the start of this month to hear the comments.

City officials and the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) seem to be thinking about the types of amenities, like bike lockers and chargers for electric cars, to put at the stop. Residents, however, were concerned with larger issues, such as how they could get to the new stop, and how riders could get to their final destinations. In the case of the proposed Balboa Avenue stop, many riders would be on their way to the beach, and still have a mile walk from the trolley.

The proposed site is not ideal because the area where it will go was built over 60 years ago. Riders who want to go to Pacific Beach will have to find a way to cross the freeway, while those who want to get to Clairemont are faced with climbing a long hill. The plans are far from settled, but officials continue to ask for input.

Projects like this can benefit if officials work with flyer printing companies, which can create informative sheets for area residents to keep them informed.