Honor Flight San Diego able to fly again

April 22, 2017 by  

Generous donors have made it possible for veterans to enjoy a visit to Washington D.C. once again.

Honor Flight San Diego is a nonprofit organization that flies veterans to the nation’s capital to see its memorials and monuments. The group gives priority to veterans of the Second World War and those who are terminally ill, but had to cancel its planned 2017 spring trip for lack of funds.

The group held a ‘Legends and Legacies’ fundraiser on April 9, and raised enough to pay for one flight, and is also planning a second. The largest donation of the evening came from the USS Midway Foundation, which gave Honor Flight $125,000 – enough to pay the cost of one-half of a single trip. The Green Foundation gave a $100,000 matching donation, which remains in effect until April 30.

The next flight is tentatively being planned for this September. There are about 100 veterans of World War II in San Diego who are on a wait list for the trip, which is a three-day journey. Veterans are able to visit memorials to those who have fought in America’s wars, the museum at the Navy Yard, and Arlington National Cemetery, where they see the ceremony of the Changing of the Guard. Women veterans have an opportunity to visit the Women in Military Service for America National Memorial. The veterans pay nothing for the trip.

Organizations like this can benefit by working with a postcard printing company on a card that veterans can return indicating interest.