Brownies raise money for sheriff’s K-9s

June 18, 2017 by  

Brownies from San Diego’s Troop 3434 raised money selling Girl Scout cookies, and then donated part of their proceeds to the San Diego County Sheriff’s K-9 unit, to provide the dogs with life-saving rattlesnake vaccines.

The Brownies gave $900 worth of anti-venom to the sheriff, and decided to provide an additional $350 the department could use to train the dogs.

K-9 units assist police by going into spaces too small or dangerous for humans, but this means the dogs can run into danger, including snakes. According to Sergeant Jacob Pevlenko, one of the dogs was bitten last summer. That was why the Brownies decided to donate some of their proceeds to the Sheriff’s Department.

Shannon Weaver, the troop’s leader, said the Brownies figured that most humans dislike snakes, and certainly no one wants to be bitten by one, so they figured the dogs wouldn’t like it either. Representatives from the troop talked to the Judy Vet Clinic, which takes care of the K-9s, and found out 31 dogs needed the vaccines. After hearing about the Brownies’ efforts, a company that makes the vaccines donated 25 doses on behalf of the troop; the clinic itself donated the last six doses.

As a thank you, the K-9 units put on a show for the Brownies. Efforts like this can benefit if organizers work with a postcard printing company, which can create cards for a targeted mailing, announcing the drive and encouraging participation.