Bike initiative coming to San Diego

February 20, 2018 by  

Dockless bike sharing, which is already in place in the San Diego suburbs of Imperial Beach and National City, will be introduced city proper as soon as the company LimeBike begins operations there.

At the moment, San Diego has an exclusive contract with DecoBike, another bike-sharing company, but the way DecoBike operates is significantly different from LimeBike, and there is room for both.

DecoBike customers rent their bikes from docking stations and then have to return them to the station, while LimeBike has moved beyond the need for the stations. Instead, the rear wheels of the dockless bicycles lock when riders finish using them. They don’t need to be returned to a specific station, and officials believe that the convenience of being able to ride anywhere they like means more people will opt for using bicycles and public transit, goals set out in the climate action plan devised by the city.

In addition to bicycles, LimeBike also plans to put scooters and electric assist bikes into service in San Diego. This would make the city the only metropolitan area to have access to all three of LimeBike’s transport options.

Zack Bartlett, who is LimeBike’s general manager for the city, described the bikes as an affordable, accessible, and sustainable way to handle local trips.

Measures like this appeal to many people, so company officers could work with a brochure printing company to create booklets that explain the service in detail.