Acro-Cats rock San Diego

March 7, 2018 by  

The Acro-Cats are in San Diego for a limited run, along with their companions, the Rock Cats, sometimes billed as the “only cat band in existence.” Samantha Martin, an experienced animal trainer, provides cats to film and television productions, as well as advertising agencies. She needed a way to keep the animals mentally lively between jobs, and developed the Acro-Cats show.

The production uses cats’ natural behaviors as part of the act. They climb, jump, dash, and balance on various objects. The difference with Martin’s cats is that they have developed the skill to do certain activities on cue, and fairly consistently. This means, for instance, that she can indicate to one of the band cats that she wants her (Tuna, in this case, who is the leader of the band) to beat the drum, and the likelihood is that the cat will do so. The result may not put the Rolling Stones out of business, but audiences are delighted.

The Acro-Cats, the Rock Cats and their humans are in San Diego now, at the Moxie Theater on El Cajon Boulevard, where they will perform until March 11, 2018. The last show is at 5 pm that day.

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