Flyers in Providence

Providence has the largest population in Rhode Island, and is the third largest city in New England. Providence was also one of the first cities in the U.S. to industrialize, with the silverware and jewelry industry becoming the hallmark of Providence. The city continues to have manufacturing activity, although the economy has now moved to the service industries. The “Beehive of Industry” was once the nickname of the city, although it has now rebranded itself as the “Creative Capital”. For small businesses in the location, the distribution of flyers in Providence offers the most cost-effective marketing solution for reaching the target audience. Here at Minuteman Press, we will reproduce any design which best represents the company.

The Providence Place Mall is connected to the Rhode Island Convention Center through a skywalk, along with a hotel. The Providence Place Mall is a large retail center and is the ideal location for marketing activities like flyer distribution. To avoid flyers being immediately discarded by recipients, the design and use of color must be bold – although still subtle enough to appeal to all audience groups. An established print company in the area will have in-depth knowledge of the local residents and what they will appreciate.

Outsourcing to a print company will guarantee the use of quality materials and high printing standards. The successful distribution of flyers in Providence relies on individual design, accuracy, and creativity to secure attention. Contact us today, here at Minuteman Press, to see how we can contribute to your business success.