Music festival sounded out before New Year

December 26, 2013 by  

As of tomorrow, the Nevada Chamber Music Festival is on stage featuring four live musicians who will discuss their unique and interesting musical journeys that have taken them from the beginning until where they are today.

This festival will be of interest to anyone who loves chamber music and who enjoys the sound of the orchestra, as organizers and poster printing companies are bound to have pointed out in the buildup to the play.

During the festival’s opening night, guests will be able to hear from festival musicians Ruth Lenz, Clive Greensmith, Ya-Fei Chuang, and James Buswell about their magical journeys in the music world. On each day of the event, this discussion will take place at 12:00 noon on the first day and be in panel format.

At 2:00 pm there will be an All Beethoven Recital featuring cellist Peter Wiley and Ann Plonsky, a pianist who will perform Beethoven masterworks. The Nevada Chamber Music Festival continues over a four-day period with many other performances, so please check out the entire schedule of events online.

Tickets for a festival pass cost $200 per person and $60 per student with a single-day pass costing $22 per person and $5 per student. The festival will be occurring from Friday, December 27 until Tuesday, December 31 at various times at several locations.

The opening evening will be happening at the South Reno United Methodist Church located at 200 De Spain Lane in Reno, Nevada, approximately 25 minutes from Sparks. To learn more about this festival, or to purchase tickets, please visit the Reno Chamber Orchestra’s website or call the box office.