Redondo Beach and California at odds over city election dates

January 12, 2018 by  

Redondo Beach has not formulated a plan to accommodate a new state law passed with the hope of boosting voter turnout, and intends to file suit against California in the near future.

Cities, special districts, and school boards with poor turnouts were given a deadline to come up with a strategy to bring their local elections in line with those of California’s primaries and general elections. The deadline for the plan passed at the first of the year, although the local elections do not have to align with those having higher participation until November 2022.

The reason Redondo Beach missed the deadline was due to its City Council not being able to agree on a method of bringing the city’s elections in line with those of the primary and general elections. The council did, however, come to a unanimous decision at its December 19 meeting, in a closed sessions, to challenge SB 415.

Frequently, cities or proponents and opponents resort to ordering flyer printing to explain the details of an important or potentially controversial issue such as this one.

Redondo Beach is the only city in South Bay, and one of only a handful in Los Angeles County, that has not created and submitted a blueprint to the Registrar-Recorder’s Office to sync its elections with California’s. The city will be suing to continue holding its elections in March during odd-numbered years.