Local man suggests ferry link between Redondo Beach and LA

March 22, 2018 by  

If David Bailey’s idea bears fruit, residents of Redondo Beach may be one day commute to Los Angeles via ferry.

The LA resident is promoting the unusual idea of using ferries to cut down on traffic congestion in the city, and not just from Redondo Beach. KPCC, a media affiliate of NBC4, reported that Bailey said:

“I was just thinking, maybe we could use the old piers that we had: Redondo Beach, Santa Monica, Manhattan Beach, [Malibu], and provide some sort of ferry service so it would be a strong alternative to the road system that we have.”

Los Angeles has recently been given the dubious honor of being labeled the world’s most traffic-congested city, according to INRIX a transportation analytics company. Working out the details, both logistical and financial, followed by the creation of a comprehensive report could benefit all cities involved. Printing services are adept at presenting this type of information in printed form.

Jim Moore, a professor of civil engineering at USC, sees the idea of using ferries as a viable option.

Bailey estimates that the time it takes to Santa Monic to Manhattan Beach, for instance could be reduced by over 50%. However, although implementing a ferry service would be a quick solution and could carry a high volume of travelers, it might not save as much time as one might think due to time spent during docking.