Redding to Slide the City

September 16, 2016 by  

Redding is set to be the location of a 1,000-foot long inflatable slide that will resemble the traditional slip-n’-slide.

It will be accompanied by a block party that will have music, entertainment, food and local merchandise vendors. Proceeds will go to the playground rebuilding project under the direction of Kids Kingdom.

Passes can be purchased for a single ride, three rides, or all-day rides. Single slider passes require the slider to bring their own inflatable tubes. Tubes can be purchased if anyone forgets to bring one. The triple slider will include a mouth guard, a tube, and a drawstring bag. All-day sliders get all the triple slider items plus a hat. Many pass options are sold out, but the Last Call and the Day of the Event ones still remain.

The sliders will be organized into waves so those who do not have passes for that particular wave can spend time at the block party.

Even though the slide itself is well-padded, everyone will need to wear shoes (as the pavement will be hard and hot) for walking around the block party. Photos will be taken of sliders as they pass by the camera, and sliders may want to purchase these for later poster printing.

The sliding begins at noon tomorrow, September 17, will go until 7:00 pm. The Slide the City will be located here in Redding between Chestnut Street and Placer Street.