Weaver Street to open co-op in Raleigh

December 23, 2017 by  

The Southeast’s biggest food co-op, Weaver Street Market, will open in downtown Raleigh’s Warehouse District next year, according to a recent announcement.

This is the first Weaver Street in Raleigh, and its fourth location. The market will take over space in The Dillon building, where it will offer the goods that have made it popular since it began 30 years ago, such as local produce; beer, wine, and coffee; a kitchen and bakery; a salad bar; a hot bar; and a space for community events and demonstrations.

The new space will also provide outdoor dining options that include a balcony above Hargett Street, a mezzanine wrapping around the store, and a sidewalk cafe.

The co-op is owned by its members, and although is not necessary to obtain a membership to shop , doing so allows people to take advantage of specials and coupons, and to vote for members of the board of directors. Currently, memberships are available for individuals for a one-time price of $75, but Weaver Street plans to offer memberships for households at the same price.

Each Weaver Street Market is designed to reflect the area where it is located, so residents will have fun speculating on what the chain will do to make this new spot unique to Raleigh.

Companies like this can benefit if operators distribute flyers at the opening, including coupons and inviting people to try the store.