Vintage Fan Fair coming to Raleigh

August 19, 2017 by  

Raleigh residents will be able to judge for themselves just how good the “good old days” were, when the Vintage Fan Fair comes to the Fairgrounds.

This is the first-ever celebration of this type in Raleigh, and is produced by Celebrating Nostalgia (TM) and The Vintage Lifestyle Experience.

The fair combines activities with presentations that allow people to see what life was like at various points in the twentieth century. Vendors, who will be selected by a jury, will offer goods that represent some popular styles of the past, including boho chic, farmhouse, and mid-century modern.

In addition to the displays, various activities popular in the past will be available. Among the activities is a Glamper Showcase, during which visitors will be allowed to take a peek inside more than twenty vintage trailers. The term “glamper” is a blend of “glamorous” and “camper,” and refers to a small mobile home. Visitors can see how each owner has chosen to decorate their home-on-wheels.

The Vintage Fan Fair is slated for the Veterans Day weekend, November 10 and 11, at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds’ Holshauser Building.

Events like this can be confusing when there are many activities in one area, so organizers can help visitors enjoy the day by working with a flyer printing company to create a handout with a list of vendors, a map of their locations, and a schedule of events.