Syngenta acquires small Raleigh company

February 20, 2018 by  

Syngenta, an international corporation that works to find solutions to feeding an ever-increasing world population using sustainable means, has increased its portfolio with the acquisition of Raleigh-based FarmShots.

FarmShots was begun about four years ago by Josh Miller, then a sophomore at Duke University. Miller was trying to find ways to help farmers reduce the time they spent field scouting.

Field scouting refers to the practice farmers have of physically inspecting their fields for insects and crop diseases. They might walk through the fields, or examine them from the air from small aircraft; some were even using drones, which was illegal then. Miller began search for a better method, and came up with the idea of using images from satellites to pinpoint problems. His idea became his company.

Syngenta has a major research and development facility in Research Triangle Park, and will add FarmShots to its group of digital companies. Specifically, Syngenta will add FarmShots to its farm management system, known as AgriEdge Excelsior, which farmers use throughout the world.

FarmShots has four employees at present, and all will be staying with the company when it relocates to the Triangle. As for Miller himself, his background gives him an emotional connection to farming: while he was attending high school, he worked in the poultry industry.

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