Raleigh’s Trolley Pub getting remodel; adding service in Durham

November 16, 2016 by  

The garage that houses the Trolley Pub, a popular mobile bar that patrons help the driver pedal around the city, is being revamped

At the moment, people who want to ride the trolley bring their own beer with them. In December, crews working out of Oak City Customs, a Raleigh company, will install coolers and displays for merchandise, and create an area where patrons can wait for their trolley tours to start.

According to Evan Wood, who keeps an eye on Trolley Pub locations throughout North Carolina, the various areas in the garage are currently separated only by burlap curtains. The new surroundings will be professional and permanent. Wood foresees the remodeling being completed by Spring 2017, which will make it easy for patrons to buy beer at the start of the tour, rather than bringing their own.

Trolley pubs average about 10mph, but are equipped with small electric motors to help patrons and drivers when they are climbing hills, getting started from a dead stop, or trying to move quickly to make way for emergency vehicles. The trolleys are popular in Raleigh, where drivers give up to 200 tours per month in fall and spring, which are the busiest seasons.

Trolley Pub also plans to introduce services in Durham, where Biker Bar already operates. Wood says there is room for both.

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