Raleigh tackles parking problems

April 18, 2017 by  

Parking in Raleigh’s downtown area is a challenge for drivers, but a recent four-month study might give city leaders some ideas to help alleviate the problems, according to an article on WRAL.com.

There are approximately 26,900 park spots in Raleigh’s downtown. On-street parking comprises about 3,400 free spaces, while the remainder have parking meters. On popular Fayetteville Street and near the Legislative Building, the spots are often filled, forcing drivers to travel in circles waiting for a spot to become available.

One driver, Alan Michael, said to WRAL.com that he tries to avoid coming downtown “because the parking is a nightmare,” and would prefer mass transit. Angel Green-Underwood, meanwhile, found it frustrating to have to leave a meeting in order to feed the meter.

The study, which began last fall, looked at both parking rates and policies, and how other cities handle their parking, and found overall, Raleigh does a good job. The challenge is to how to handle parking for new developments.

The study suggested creating apps that notify people where spots are available, or charging more to park in high-demand spots. However, Mary-Ann Baldwin, a city councilwoman, said she was concerned that startups wanting to move downtown would be discouraged if they had to pay high rates to provide parking for their customers. The council will study the findings further before making any changes.

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